Drones By Facebook In The Skies For Offering Internet Service


Today, Facebook and Google aren’t just web companies that cater to the needs and provide services in a variety of ways or social networking sites for that matter. They have taken the world of internet to new heights with a lot of innovative products and services. No wonder, they deserve the best out of it.

After spreading its wings on the earth, Facebook is now looking to expand its presence up above in the skies – literally. Some weeks ago, there was news about Google’s Project Loon, which is an ambitious project from Google to provide internet to people who live in remote parts of the world.

Facebook has already dominated the earth with millions of members and now with their drones in the skies, they are looking to experiment on the similar lines as that of Google’s Loon project.

The mega social networking site has already started working on the project. There is no doubt that Facebook wants to take this project critically. They are spending millions of dollars on this and want to see this be a reality sooner than later.

Facebook will be having a partnership with internet.org. Apart from that the big players in the industry like Qualcomm and Nokia will also be involved in other ways. There is no doubt that these companies will be hoping to use the new technologies for making internet available to nearly five billion people who aren’t still without it.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook said that Facebook along with Internet.org will be working on inventing newer technologies for completing the mission. And yes, it must be mentioned that there will be intense completion between Google and Facebook in this new arm of industry.

In the suburban regions, there will be solar-powered high altitude as well as long enduring airplane that will remain high up in the skies for a month’s time. These devices will be able to provide dependable connectivity. For the less populated provinces there will be geosynchronous and low-earth orbit satellites.

There will be internet access to a large population on the earth as still a bulk of the earth’s inhabitants is without internet connection of any sort.

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