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Dhana Trayodasi is Aswayuja Bahula Trayodasi. When the economic system started preferring money, then the value of money has been increased and therefore, Money has become famous now. In earlier Dhana means Gold. According to Hindu culture, purchasing gold on this day is a rule. There is a history behind this day and rule. Devotees relieve Goddess Lakshmi Devi from prison and make the holy bath to her with Srihari Saptha Mudra water, milk of kamadhenu and then decorate her (Pattabhishekam) as Dhana Lakshmi. This is a belief of the devotees and mostly followed in North India but now it has spread and followed by whole India. Everyone loves to welcome Goddess Lakshmi Devi into their houses. They welcome such a precious goddess by decorating their houses with Rangoli. People wear neat and new dresses and light lamps in the houses. They tie festoons to their houses. The celebration of Dewali starts with Dhana Trayodasi. On that day people pray or do Puja to Lord Kubera. They even perform Kubera vrat.

Indian culture gave equal importance to health, wealth and even life. By purchasing golden ornaments, people are welcoming wealth into their houses. At the same time for having full span of life also they pray god. Lord Yama is the supreme of life. To satisfy him people perform special Puja on this day. There is a story behind this.

Earlier there was king name Himavanth. He has a son who is prince of the empire. So prince also was well trained. According to the astrology the prince’s has a chance of death after getting married within 4 years through a snake bite. Though a queen know this, she married him by saying she will at any cost will protect him. So pours all the golden ornaments and coins in front of the prince room. Then she lights lamps also. She even makes Rangoli designs too. She even sang bhajan about Goddess Lakshmi. At that time Lord Yama came in the snake form to take the life of the prince. Due to the light glare of those ornaments the snake could not able to see. So he could not move forward. There he forgets his responsibility as he forgetter himself by listening to the music played by the queen. In the meanwhile, it comes morning. Therefore, Yama times (Yama ghadiyalu) are crossed. So Lord Yama has now no chance or power to take the life of the prince. Therefore, Dhana trayodasi is also known as Yama trayodasi. They believe that their ancestors will bless them at that time.

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