Blood Donation Is Healthy For Everyone


Donation of blood is important

Blood donation is considered, as the greatest of donations but we Indians are not that generous in this department rather one can call us miser when it comes to donating our blood. If you count blood donors in your city on regular basis, you can count them on your fingertips. The fact is we have only less than 3% people in our country who have ever donated their blood.

You should not feel surprised if I tell you most of these ‘donors’ are professional donors who do it for money’s sake and most of such ‘donors’ were from positive Rh factor, a common group. The number of blood donors for self-satisfaction is less than one percent, which does not cater to needs of far bigger demand of blood required to save life of patients dying in different hospitals for lack of required blood of particular groups. I should mention at this point that almost 90% blood donated belongs to positive groups and blood donated in negative groups, counts for less than 10%.

Lack of awareness

The fact is our society is not aware of the importance of blood donation for the sake of saving life of people dying due to shortage of blood and some of the patients who could be still alive died because the required group of blood was not available at the time of need. The fact also remains that since blood has no alternative therefore we need to start awareness campaigns to have plenty of blood of different groups to save precious lives.

There are certain beliefs which stops people from donation of blood as most people think that donating blood will make them weak which is absolutely false, the fact is blood production in our body becomes faster after donation and it does not take long when the donated quantity recovers.

There are certain benefits with blood donating process as a donator is provided with a donation certificate that enables him to get blood in case of an emergency without having to donate blood for his friends and family members.

Any one in 18-60 age groups, is eligible for blood donation once in three months which takes hardly 5-10 minutes and consuming a glass of fruit juice and few biscuits is enough to recover and leave for home without any weakness or pain.  

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