Black Tea And Its Benefits


From the studies done by Scientist it has been proved that those people who consume black tea, are able to prevent them from Diabetes type-2. Scientists have done few experiments in different countries and studied that those people drink black tea; in them the symptoms of diabetes are very less. Not only diabetes, but also fat is reduced through black-tea.


The Scientists think that if the green tea is changed to black tea through some fermentation process, then it could produce some good compound in our body, which is good for health. Black tea is useful in various diseases. The Scientist has also studies other kind of diseases in which black tea could be useful, from that Diabetes type-2 also comes.


Black tea is consumed in abundance in Ireland. In terms of buying, one Irish person had 2 kgs of black tea. After Ireland, Britain and Turkey comes, where Black tea is consumed in larger amount. In these countries, there are very less people who suffered from Diabetes as compared to other countries.


Over 90 percent of the people in the Western countries consume black tea. Black tea contains more of Caffeine as compared to other type of tea and also the flavor is good enough. India is the No.1 Country where tea is produced, then comes China and Sri-lanka.


Black tea contains more of Anti-oxidants, flavonoids and also prevents us from storing Cholesterol. It also lowers the risk of heart disease. The antioxidants which are there in tea also keep our skin clean from acne. The bones of human are strong who drink black tea from the people who are non-drinkers of black tea. Caffeine content is there in black tea. Caffeine if taken moderately, then it is beneficial to health. Caffeine increases metabolism, brain function.


Our Immune system also becomes strong from black tea. In black tea, there is one substance called “tannins”, which can help in fighting diseases like influenza, dysentery and hepatitis. There is also one substance called “catechin” which decreases the tumor in our body.


Overall, black tea is very useful and should be consumed twice or thrice in a day.     

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