Balanced Diet Is Essential For Better Growth!


What we eat is not just for our hunger it’s also important that the food we eat contains all the things which is balanced and in our nourishment.

Vitamins are very important thing and we must include eatables in our diet which are rich in these vitamins as deficiency of vitamins can affect our body. Here are diseases which are caused by the deficiency of vitamins:

Deficiency of Vit-A:

There are people who are not able to see properly in dim light or in the dark they are called to be suffered from Night blindness. It is said that proper treatment of night blindness is not taken on proper time a person may get blind. One should eat few things like green leafy vegetables, carrot, milk, egg, curd etc these are rich source of vitamin A.

Deficiency of Vit-B:

Deficiency of Vitamin B causes Beri Beri in which a patient loses weight and becomes weaker and weaker with the time. It also slows down the working of nervous system if a person is affected by this disease. One should eat adequate quantity of food like pulses, milk, meat etc to avoid such disease to happen.

Deficiency of Vit-C:

Disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin C is scurvy in which the gums of a person get swollen and there remains pain in the joints. And one develops red spots on the skin all over the body. Things like Guava, lemon, Amla are rich source of Vitamin C one must include these things in his/her diet in a day in appropriate quantity.

Deficiency of Vit-D:

Deficiency of vitamin D causes rickets in which our bones get affected. One gets sever pain in the joints. One can avoid it’s deficiency when has egg, fish, cheese, milk in his/her diet in appropriate proportion. Also sun light is the rich source of vitamin D.

So one should be careful for his/her diet and should watch out if it is balanced or not as deficiency of anything may lead to any disease.

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