Autism Spectrum Disorder: How It Happens?

Not very long ago from now, the answer to the question “How does Austrian Spectrum Disorder happen?” would have been “no clue.” However, researchers are now delivering some long overdue answers. Firstly, we now are aware d the fact that there is no one cause for autism, just like there is no one form of autism.


Gene mutations     

Over the last half a decade, scientists have identified a several rare gene changes or mutations linked to ASS or autism. Researchers have identified over 100 autism risk genes. In around 15 per cent of Autism cases, a specific genetic cause of a person’s autism can be determined. However, most of the cases involve a far more complex and fluctuating combinations of genetic risk and environmental factors which usually have influence during early brain development.


Environmental risk factors

In other words, when a genetic predisposition is present in a person with autism, several non-genetic and environmental influences will further increase a child’s risk or further aggravate the condition.


The starkest evidence of the environmental risk factors which involve events before and during birth. These also include advanced parental age at time of the child's conception(both mom and dad), any illness the mother contracted or had during pregnancy, prematurity, significantly low weight during birth and difficulties during delivery, particularly the problems which involve periods of oxygen deprivation to the baby’s brain. Mothers exposed to very high levels of pesticides and air pollution can also be at a very high risk of having a child with ASD.


Relation between genetic mutations and various risk factors

It is also essential to remember that these factors, by themselves, do not lead to autism. But, in and as a combination with each other, they appear to modestly raise a risk. The ever expanding body of researchers suggest that the autism risk is much lower among children whose mothers consumed prescription prenatal vitamins which contain folic acid in the months before and after conception. However more and more researchers are looking at the role the immune systems plays in autism. Researchers are looking into working to raise awareness about the issues which lead to autism and to investigate methods to further the causes of research as it has the potential to improve the lives of millions.


Stop blaming the parents

While knowing what causes autism is complex, it is pretty much clear that it is not caused due to bad parenting. In fact, the psychiatrist who first recognises Autism as a unique condition, Dr. Leo Kanner, believed that it was caused because of ruthless and cold, unloving mothers.


Bruno Bettelheim, a known professor of child development, propagated this misinterpretation of autism. Their encouragement of the idea that “unloving moms” can cause their children’s autism lead to a generation of parents who lived with the massive burden of guilt over their child’s condition.


But the delusion was ended in sometime between the 1960s and 70s, Dr. Bernard Rimland, who himself was the father of an autistic son later established the Autism Society of America and the Autism Research Institute, which aided the medical community in understanding that autism is a actually biological disorder and is not caused by “cold parents.”autism

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