Are You Health Conscious?


Perhaps you might have asked the same question several times to yourself. “Am I aware of my health? What about my family’s health? Is everything OK? Is every one of us getting enough nutrition supplements needed for our health? What else should I do? Is exercise sufficient?” These are the common doubts that can arise in anyone’s mind related to health.


We read in books and magazines, hear from radio and television, our friends may advice us too. Almost all of us know about the importance of healthy diet and proper and regular exercise. Yet how many of us are following? We are aware of the calories in snacks and sweets. Yet we can’t say ‘no’ when someone offers as a treat or sweet. Why so? It’s in the feeling that a small treat or snack box can never give us many problems. When such small packets change to big things regularly, it can give us head ache for sure.


And the case of exercise; electric and electronic equipments have made us crazy as well as crazy. Though we are able to manage our time effectively as such equipments reduce our work load, we often forget to spare at least half hour from that saved valuable time to do some manual work so that we can remain health and fit. Always remember, food control can never solely support the health and fitness of our body, our bones and muscles need some sort of manual work or exercise to keep them strong and work long without troubles. But it doesn’t mean we should exercise hard continuously for hours. Our mind and body needs rest too.


We can choose any form of exercise according to our taste; we can practise yoga too. Keep control in food intake; instead add more fruits, vegetables and salads to your diet. Less oil and sugar and more amount fiber and proteins – let it be your fitness mantra. It’s the first step to provide a healthy diet to your family that brings everything in control. Avoid fast food and bakery items too, as much as possible. In addition to it, do some manual work. Daily cleaning of home and premises can help you burn a lot of calories. It will make your home clean tidy, prevent its members from diseases and germ attack. Not only that, it gives a positive feeling and pleasantness too. Then you can 100% say ‘yes’ to the question, “Am I health conscious?”    



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Am aware of the facts, yet trying to implement it

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