Adventure Caving In Meghalaya

All of us heard about various adventurous activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, sky diving, river rafting, tracking etc., but few of us know about caving. Most of you heard about caves like Ajanta, elephants, Bora in the various states of India. All these caves either natural or artificial. You can easily access in these caves which we cannot say adventure activity. If you really want to do adventure caving then Meghalaya should be your first choice. There are more than thousands natural caves in Meghalaya. You can enjoy real adventure in these caves.

Every year, various experts who include speleologist, geologist, Climatologist and photographer from all over the world explore the hills of Meghalaya. They found new caves, survey these caves and map them. The longest cave of the South Asia is Krem Liat Prah which is in Meghalaya.

Caving is the combination of many adventure activities such as swimming, rock climbing, crawling and walking. There are some caves in Meghalaya which is not for the amateur cavers. For the caving you need a lot of experience in rope handling, climbing and rappelling techniques. Without rope handling techniques you cannot explore the caves.

We know about the beautiful places in the world but the place which is underneath earth is the gorgeous than any other place on earth. That’s why everyone who is interested in caving should go for the caving in Meghalaya.

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