A Visit To The Land Of Sun Temple And Orissa Restaurants

A visit to east India and the state of Orissa seems more complete with a visit to the Sun Temple in Konark that is easily approachable from the towns Puri and Bhuvaneshwar. On the coast of Bay of Bengal, this temple of the Sun God takes the shape of a chariot that has 12 pairs of stone carved wheels with 8 spokes representing the 12 months of the year, while the 8 spokes Represent the 8 ideal stages of a woman’s day. 7 galloping horses that pull the chariot eastwards represent the 7 days of the week. The walls of the temple have exquisite stone sculptures that include erotic scenes based on the Kama Sutra that symbolize the ecstatic bliss enjoyed by the soul when it unites with the divine. The erotic sculptures especially in niches halfway up the porch, along the sides of the platform and around the doorways of the main building are best enjoyed with good food in Orissa restaurants in Puri and Bhuvaneshwar.

It is very usual to find great food at cheap prices in the restaurants of Orissa especially in Bhubaneshwar, Puri and other resort areas. Places like Puri and Bhuvaneshwar have bigger restaurants, and it is pleasant to taste the traditional food of state in these Orissa restaurants. You could also get good Bengali food in some of these restaurants of Orissa and enjoy their thalis with small portions of various tasty dishes. Dining in restaurants of Orissa in Puri proves pleasant in charming garden restaurants with palm trees, flowering bushes, temple statues, terra-cotta lanterns, with tables set not just in the covered central areas, but also under thatched open huts. It is not unusual to find tables also put up on platforms in the trees. 
Wild Grass a restaurant of Orissa in VIP Road in Puri serves Indian cuisine. You should taste the thali of the state of Orissa here and I am sure you would enjoy items like grilled eggplant, tuna masala, the sugary tomato dish khata, and santula. A bit of advance notice of a day could ensure you get the right fare. However it is also good to try out their fresh seafood. The service of the staff is excellent and at times they also offer you a drop at the hotel where you stay. Bengali dishes could also be tasted, but some advance notice is greatly appreciated by this Orissa restaurant. 

Another restaurant of Orissa at Bapuji Nagar in Bhuvaneshwar, Cooks' Restaurant is a bright, but simple restaurant in the heart of the town provides for pleasant dining in its room with tile floor and brick walls. The restaurant that is upstairs over an open clean kitchen in the street front offers the best selection of Indian, tandoori and Chinese dishes. You should definitely taste their spring rolls and paneer pasanda with those chunks of curdled cheese with zesty stuffing and a thick tomato sauce. The Cooks' Special, murg tikka nawabi, boneless chicken prepared either dry or with a masala sauce in a tandoori oven is definitely to be tried by those having a palate for non-vegetarian dishes. 

Having a taste for seafood would be best met with dining in Seafood, a simple open-air Orissa restaurant in Chakratirtha Road in Puri. Many tourists like to dine here in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy grilled tuna at six or seven picnic tables under thatched huts in a tiny, handkerchief-size garden.  Besides other local fish and great grilled prawns, you can get pasta dishes, various type of sandwiches, soups, pakoras, fries, and excellent breakfast of delicious French toast with apples or bananas baked inside. 

Have you had your fill in the Orissa restaurants and would you like to recommend any to your near and dear?  


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