Enjoy Your Trip To Pondicherry Visiting Best Pondicherry Restaurants

A visit to Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry gives you the best chance to visit a union territory on the Coromondal coast. Formerly a French settlement covering over 469 sq. km, you would sure enjoy visiting tourist attractions that include The Matrimandir, Sri Aurobindo ashram and many other places like The Pondicherry Botanical Garden, Pondicherry Temples, Pondicherry Beaches, Pondicherry Churches and Auroville. Pondicherry, with a strong presence of French element gives you a chance to experience its varied colors of culture and traditions of the place. The restaurants of Pondicherry provide a kaleidoscopic view of its charm and tranquility with a unique chance to sample the various cuisines in this beautiful place.

Knowing about some of the best Pondicherry restaurants I would recommend Promenade roof top restaurant of Pondicherry, overlooking the mesmerizing Bay of Bengal. One of the best luxurious boutique hotel restaurants of Pondicherry, well known for its excellent customer service, this restaurant of Pondicherry is brilliantly done in French style with a distinctive modern décor. Located in the heart of the city, Pondicherry restaurant best known for its food and beverage. Next you should visit Lighthouse, a restaurant of Pondicherry to have a go at their most mouth watering barbecue and grill menu. Blueline, another Pondicherry restaurant located in Promenade is best known for their round the clock fare of authentic Oriental and Mediterranean dishes. 

Sea Gulls Restaurant, one of the good restaurants of Pondicherry gives you a chance to enjoy a good meal of international cuisine with a view of the Bay of Bengal with enjoying the fresh sea breeze. This restaurant of Pondicherry offers an option to enjoy the view of the Bay Of Bengal either open air or under high ceilings. Giving good value for money spent, you should definitely enjoy beer, either cold or chilled in this Pondicherry restaurant along with hot chicken roast or spicy and good to eat chicken tikka as a starter.

Blue Dragon restaurant of Pondicherry is a fine eatery with antique furniture that serves good Chinese food is in Dumas Street in front of Alliance Française. Offering the most unique Chinese tastes to its guests that love Chinese food, this restaurant of Pondicherry offers the best chance to enjoy
dining in Chinese ambience with low hanging lamps and wall hangings that decorate each wall. The excellent and friendly behavior and service of the staff in Blue Dragon that looks small, but is one the best restaurants of Pondicherry makes one surely visit it every time one comes to visit this beautiful French inhabitant city. Enjoying hot favorites of China in this Pondicherry restaurant at an unbelievably economical price proves great trying out the hot and spicy Vegetable Noodle Soup, Mixed Fried Rice and Chinese Chopsuey, all of which are real hits. Blue Dragon Restaurant, one of the best restaurants of Pondicherry also has a wide variety of drinks in the menu, and this Pondicherry restaurant proves to be one of the bet bistros to  enjoy a delicious meal in Pondicherry.

That’s all for a great enjoyable trip to Pondicherry with experimenting on the variety cuisine in Pondicherry restaurants.

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