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This incident happened centuries and millenniums before when Egyptians lived in the banks of Nile. A problem occurred there. Nile used to change its direction once in a while. As a result each time, a lot of land under cultivation gets attacked by flood. Instead another piece turned to land. So priests used to distribute the newly formed land among those who lost their crops. But it was difficult task to divide land according to proportion. It gave rise to Numerical mathematics and algebra. Through this article, let me give a brief note on those geniuses who gave valuable contributions to the field of mathematics.


Aryabhata – India’s pride


Aryabhata wrote valuable ‘Aryabhateyam’ when he was just 23. The further growth of Indian mathematics was purely based on this work. It was translated to many languages including non-Indian. It was divided into 4 parts and included 121 poems. It included astrology and geography too.


First female Mathematics teacher


It was generally considered that mathematics was the private property of man only. Females are only a few, who have given valuable contributions to mathematics. According to records, Hypatia, teacher of Alexandria was the first female Mathematics teacher of the world. She helped her father Thiyon in mathematical researches. She has written descriptions for many mathematics books too.


Magician of numbers – Ramanujan


Ramanujan was born in Irode near Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu as the son of a clerk of a textile shop. Mathematics ran through his blood from his early childhood. He studied with scholarship and published 21 researches. When his articles got published in mathematics magazines worldwide, he was considered to be one among those greatest mathematicians of 20th century. He had a unique talent to find peculiarities of any number even if it’s complex.


Bhaskaracharya – India’s Euclid


His mathematical work ‘Sidhantha Siromani’ is very famous. It is divided into 4 parts. Leelavathi – the theorems explained for a beautiful lady Leelavathi was most famous among his works. He was able to handle both science and art without any difficulty.


Prince of Mathematics


Kaul Fredrick Gauze was able to do arithmetic calculations long before he started his education. In 1801, at the age of 24, he published a work in mathematics. According to experts, no other book has written in mathematics later that was better than his work.


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