Michael Dell And The Birth Of Dell Corporation


On 23rd February 1965, a man who is said to be one amongst the richest men in the world, Michael Saul Dell was born. He is the co-founder of Dell Computer Corporation. His mother was a stockbroker and father, an orthodontist. Belonging to a simple family, his parents wanted him to pass out from the University of Texas with a good degree. But this wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to get into the field of business.


In his early teens he used to invest his money in stock market and precious metals. Concentrating more and more in machines and business than studies forced him to drop out from the University of Texas. Armed with a simple and thought provoking concept he began to realize his dreams of one day being a competitor with IBM which was the premium computer company back in his time. His idea was to eliminate the retailer and directly sell the computers to his consumer. During those days you were required to have at least 3000$ to own a computer. But Michael began to work on the idea with just 1000$ which wasn’t even enough to own a computer.


He realized that computers which cost 3000$ could be purchased at lower rates as separate parts. He also came to know that the same amount of money could fetch more memory space, big monitors as well as faster modems. And so in the year 1984, Round Rock, Texas, Dell computer corporation came into existence which was named back then as “PCs limited” which was a common name and it did sound like a name that any start up computer company would adopt before it becomes successful after which it would inevitably change the name into something which sounds way better usually the name of the founder of the said company.


Michael was the CEO of this company until 2004 when he gave his post to Kevin b. Rollins. Today the company is known for desktops, servers, notebooks, net books, printers, peripherals, television, scanners, smart phones, etc. Its laptops are one of the slimmest laptops. The company has come a long way and is now one of the world’s leading computer manufacturing companies.

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