A Few Chinese Vasthu Tips For Your Interior


Feng shui – Chinese Vasthushastra is popular nowadays. It’s believed that if we bring ‘Panch Bhooth’ – Air, water, earth, fire and sky into equilibrium then our home will be filled with prosperity and happiness. It provides good health for its living beings too. According to Feng shui everything depends on Yang – the positive energy and Yin – the negative energy. So, it has postulated many principles while choosing plot as well as designing to bring health, wealth and prosperity to its living beings. It also emphasizes on placing certain objects in your interior and staying away from a few objects also.


According to Feng shui south direction of plot should be well-elevated and its shape should resemble a tortoise shell. Tall trees on south, well or pond on north, grass land on south-east and a few cacti near front gate are a few things to be noted while constructing your home. Slope and area surrounded by water are simply the best!


Room for worship should never share a common wall with bedroom or should it come inside a bedroom. It is also not advisable to build your worship room near toilet or beneath bathroom. Laughing Buddha can be placed anywhere in your home, particularly in those areas easy visible to everyone. Avoid weapons and their pictures in your bedroom. Pink or red colours are the best.


Never place any electrical equipment in your bedroom as they bring negative energy to your room. They disturb your sleep as well. Bed should never be too large or too small. Avoid sharp edges or beams in your bed. Direction of arrangement of objects providing positive energy is equally important.


While designing your dining room, it should not be visible from front door. Though rectangle or square shapes are best for your living room, round or oval shaped furniture is simply the best. Decorate your living room with mirror and a lot of decorative items. Give importance to sunlight as well as it brings a lot of positive energy.


Fire and water are like extreme poles and they should never come together in kitchen. Sink can be placed in north and never use open built-in cupboards for your kitchen. Place your toilets in east direction and always keep their doors closed. Opened doors bring negative energy.


All doors and windows should open completely and never place any obstacle behind. Avoid old things and dirty water inside your home and never place staircase in the middle of your home.

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