2013 - A Few Expectations In The Field Of Medical Treatment


It’s believed that technology can influence the filed of medical treatment in the year 2013. Through this article let me mention a few such revolutions that can be expected to happen in the year 2013.


Dr.Mobile - Mobile tricoder that can be used to detect 15 diseases within seconds. Though we have heard several times that mobiles can be used for medicinal treatment, it was not practical till now. This year it’s expected that a mobile scanner that can detect 15 disease conditions within seconds may come to market.


Secret of diabetics decoded – It’s good news to all diabetic patients. Now, you can get rid of those everyday insulin injections. Scientists of Walter and Elisa Institute are behind this discovery. They were able to get 3-d images of those moments when insulin is accepted by body cells. Now it’s decoded how insulin accepts sugar from blood and converts it to energy. Though it’s not 100% confirmed, it can be expected very soon, insulin with low production cost and advantage is that, it can be stored in normal temperature. Let us now wait for the big news.


Artificial blood – Madrid IIT has become successful in producing artificial blood in labs. They used stem cell technology for this successful mission. As it’s proved that this artificial blood can absorb normal oxygen, very soon we can expect it in market. If so, persons won’t die due to non-availability of blood, particularly after an accident. Future planof Madrd IIt is to build a bioreactor to produce blood in wide stream. If the mission succeeds we will get blood with half cost thus giving new lives to a lot of patients.


Detection of Parkinson syndrome using saliva – Now no tests are available in hospitals to detect Parkinson syndrome, says Neurologist Charles Adlar of Mio clinic, Arizona. When dead bodies of Parkinson syndrome patients were closely examined, protein structure of saliva glands of lower jaw was found. Biopsy test was conducted by accumulating saliva from submandibular gland. 9 out of 11 patients had same Parkinson protein. This discovery is a great blessing to Parkinson patients.


So, let us hope for the best! Let these discoveries pave new ways of treatment in the field of medicine.  


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