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Name : Sruthi Vimoj
Country : India
State : Kerala
City : Vadakkancheri-I
Sex : female
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sujinishajhilkomathim2817Aishwarya Aswinshajhil.kb


  • Heeee I wheeled an Enticer
  • Hungry stomach teaches a million things in life
  • Love - It has no age....
  • Free laptop by the Tamilnadu Govt
  • A man without a hand makes a beautiful pot
  • A lady walking with pot in her head and in both hands
  • Indian women getting down the mountains for a pot of water.
  • College punishment
  • An awesome friendship in Ooty
  • A baby feeding Roti to a cow
  • Beautiful Onasadya in our house
  • Cute zedonk - A cross between donkey and a zebra
  • Wild elephants near Burliar Coonoor Mettupalayam highway
  • Mosambi house at coonoor sims park
  • A view from coonoor mettupalayam ghat road clouds pouring rain in Coimbatore
  • Munnar hills that shows beautiful green shades of tea estates
  • The Silver Cascade waterfalls near Kodaikanal
  • A beautiful sun set
  • Qutub Minar in Delhi
  • Coonoor Tea Factory

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