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Name : Abhishek Mishra
Country : India
State : Madhya Pradesh
City : Indore
Sex : male
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  • Lt. Col. Bisht Garden Indore


    Where is this park located?

  • A man repairing footwear in Indore


    This is a very good photo, crisp and more importantly illuminating, it just speaks volumes - hardships, poverty, concentration, resilience all packaged in one. I wonder how much money this cobbler makes on any given day.

  • Sahastra Bahu Mandir Gwalior


    This is a very good photo. I especially liked the way the curved path leads the eye to the mandir. Now wondering why I never thought of this view myself?

  • Natural Bouquet of Adeniums in Indore


    These are beautiful adeniums. The leaves on my plant are yellowing and it has not produced any flowers in a long time now.

  • Orbit Mall


    Airtel showroom/office is in this building, along with Docomo, Titan, Nokia and Mobile store.

  • Sarwate Bus Stand Indore at night


    This photo was taken at around 12 at night which might explain the low number of people and passengers.

  • Famous Night Chat Street In Sarafa Market Indore


    If in the area do stop for a hotdog at the Vijay Chat (pictured here).

  • Shops in Chhawani Area


    All the shops are closed because of a call for Indore Bandh to protest against the new food safety rules. The strike was quite successful partially because of the strong men involved and was a cause of great nuisance to the general public as such common commodities as milk were not available. Truck loads of milk were spilled by the protesters on day one.

  • Parking Area of City Center Indore


    Of the many good shops and showrooms, the PAN card office is also in this building.

  • Tea Stall, Chhawani


    The shops are closed because of a Indore Bandh call to protest against the setting of food safety standards etc by the government. The strike was very successful and was partially enforced by muscle men.

  • Vijay Nagar Business Park Indore


    The ground floor of the Business Park is now home to a swanky Audi showroom.

  • City Bus Stop - Near Dashehara Maidan, Annapurna Road - Indore


    Where was this photo taken, near Goyal Nagar?

  • Koyal in Balcony


    This one has become a regular at our home now and whenever it comes the resident house sparrows make it a point to chase it away.

  • Indore Dewas Highway


    The process to adding the lanes is well under way and a new toll tax booth has also come up which now charges around Rs50 for a car/jeep. Very steep price.

  • Bapat Roundabout


    These beautiful sculptures are now a days covered in a thick layer of dust from the lethargic road construction activity which also makes the traffic crawl.

  • Carvings in Krishnapura Chhatri


    This one is a stone and wooden structure - something unusual as wood is not often used in this part of the country. The roof is made of wood here.

  • Mishri Sweet Shop, Indore


    Has anyone gone to this shop lately? Could someone please comment on the quality and price of items available here? I always go to Apna Sweets which is right next to this one but would like to try someplace new because of the obnoxious workers at Apna who now behave like they own the place.

  • Private Room CHL Apollo, Indore


    The pricing of the medical procedures, Doctor's fee etc is quite innovative. If you take a private room, like this one, then you are charged the full cost. If you take a shared occupancy room the cost is a bit reduced and if you take a common room then the cost is the least. There is no change in the procedures and the same doctors take care of you but with different pricing the economically weaker patients also are able to take benefit of the good medical facilities available here.

  • BSNL HQ, New Delhi


    Meghdoot Bhawan? Wow! I didn't know these buildings could have such names. I just know the one in my city as BSNL exchange. Must go to the building and find out. Thanks nitinpande99

  • Approach to Gwalior Fort


    The steep approach to Gwalior Fort. This is one of the 5 entryways into the fort and it leads to the Hathi Pol or Elephant Doorway. Man Singh Palace can also be seen in the photo which is just next to the Hathi Pol.

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