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Nara Narayan

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Nara Narayan was the last ruler of the undivided Koch kingdom of Kamata. The Koch dynasty was founded by his father, Biswa Singha after the downfall of Khen dynasty in 1498. Biswa Singha was a brave warrior and a good administrator. He crowned his second son Nara Narayan as his successor and went on a pilgrimage at the age of 53. Later his younger brother, Chilarai who served as the Army General played a significant role in expanding the kingdom of Koch. He fought many great battles for his elder brother and ensured Koch supremacy over the Bhutia, Kachari kingdom and the Ahoms. He introduced the silver coin Narayani in Assam. He was a patron of literature.


His real name is Malladev. He was the second son of Biswa Singha, who took power from his elder brother Nara Singha with the help of his step brother, Chilarai. Malladev ascended the throne in 1540 and the same year his father died. He acquired the dynasty title ‘Narayan’, he issued coins and seal was made. He appointed his step-brother Chilarai as the yuvaraj and the commander-in-chief of the military. Koch kingdom was a tributary the eastern Ahom kingdom and he started his efforts to throw off the vassalage. After a series of battles, Koch army was defeated by the Ahoms in 1547. But with the continuous battles, Ahom king Sukhaamphaa gave up his capital in 1563. The famous Treaty of Majuli was also made.


Nara Narayan’s court was filled with many scholars and saints. Though Chilarai played a significant role in the expansion of Koch kingdom, later his son and grandson were responsible for the breaking away of Koch Hajo from the parent kingdom. Nara Narayan was succeeded by his son Lakshmi Narayan whose daughter later married Man Singh 1st.

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