Tips For Teaching Discipline To Children


Having tension about how to make children good and teach them discipline? Here are 10 tips to teach your child discipline.

Children may be of any age but their undisciplined manner is a matter of tension for their parents. When children disobey, many parents blames each other that they are the reason why their child grown this way. But many of them don’t know how to teach their children good discipline and behavior. Most of them think that beating, scolding and thus making the child cry is how discipline should be taught. But this is a totally wrong idea.

Training discipline means to teach good behavior in children from their small age onwards. We should make them courageous enough to determine what is wrong and right. We should make their mind sensitive enough to think whether their behavior would affect others badly. We should build our children like that and not like victims in a jail.

Here are some tips you can adopt for teaching your children good discipline.

1. Give presents for good behavior

When your child behaves in a good way or do something good they can be given some present as a sign of encouragement. This present can also be a word appreciating them. This will encourage the child to behave in a good manner again.

 2. Give strict warnings when needed

We should give strict warnings when there is a need. For example, when the child is crossing the road we should strictly tell them not to run as vehicles may come and thus it is dangerous. There is no need to give them further explanations. Just say strictly that it is dangerous. Children will be ready to hear us.

 3. Steadiness should always be maintained

Do you maintain any rules in your house? If you have, it should be steadily maintained. For example, if you have a rule that the child should not watch cartoon channels during school days, it should not be changed under any circumstance. If we allow them to go above the rule under their force, they will become more disobeying the next time when they want to have something that they are not supposed to. They will respect parents who have a steadiness.

 4. Say positively

Don’t command them to do anything. Say in a positive manner. Children always have a tendency to reject commands. If we say them to do anything softly, they won’t feel like rejecting. They will obey the parent.

 5. Understand children, talk with them

We should first understand children. They will always be crazy. When they do something which makes us feel annoying we should also try to think and understand from their side. Every day we should always find some time to speak with them.

 6. Give them choice

Children should also be given with choices. When we make rules that don’t allow them to do a certain thing at a time, we can give them another choice. For example, when we ask not to play computer games, we can give them another choice to play any other outdoor games. This will not make them feel as if they are following some laws.

 7. Share your experiences

When children grow, it is good to share our life’s experiences with them. By doing this we will be able to give them valuable lessons and a clear vision about life.

 8. We should be the role model to them

Children should learn the basic discipline from their parents. There is no result in scolding the children if they are following their parent’s methods. If a parent wakes up lately and tells the child to wake up early every day, there is no use.

 9. Teach them to make doing good deeds a habit

Teach them to take decisions that won’t hurt others. They should be taught to be sensitive. A child harming a small insect should be taught that whether small insect or a cat, they would get hurt.

 10. If it’s very difficult to control the child

Indiscipline becomes a major problem when children enter their teenage period. Disobeying everything, breaking all the rules in home, lingering around without going to classes, disrespecting teachers, smoking, drinking and all becomes major problems. Scolding them is not the solution in these cases. In these cases we should seek professional help. Counseling will be better in these cases. Do not explode to them in these cases. We can slowly make them understand the situation and change them.

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