Three Famous Temples Of Thiruvananthapuram City


If you visit a particular place, no one misses the holy places. So, through this article let me give details of three major temples of Thiruvananthapuram city one should never miss, if he visits the capital of Kerala.


Pazhavangadi Ganapathy temple


As per Hindu beliefs we should begin a good activity, praying Ganesa in mind. So, let me start my job with this Ganapathy temple first. Here, the main offering, known as Vazhipadu in Malayalam is coconut breaking, as common to all Ganapathi temples. Main deity is Ganesa and this temple stays at the heart of the city, East Fort just a few steps away from Padmanabha. It’s a common practice to break coconuts in the number 51, 101, 201 etc. Pazhavangadi is the place name and opposite to this temple is Puthirikandam Maidan, private bus stand, Chalai Market and Gandhi Park.   


Padmanabhaswamy temple


Now, this temple is familiar to everyone with the recent excavation of treasure worth 1 lakh crore rupees. Rush in the temple has multiplied since the recent news. This Vishnu temple of East Fort is centuries old and it still keeps all Kerala traditions to perfection. Men and women should wear Kerala traditional dress while entering the temple. They can’t use any leather items or electronic equipments within the temple. The city derived its name from this temple. Here Vishnu, also known as Padmanabha is in ‘Ananthashayanam’ position and hence the name. It is not possible to see the full deity in one glance through one door. Three doors are placed in front of the shrine, through which devotees should view Vishnu partially. Temple is also famous for its ancient architecture and numerous shrines inside and in front of the temple is Padmatheertha Pond.


Attukal Bhagavathi temple


If you are a great devotee of Goddess, you should never miss this temple. This temple is famous for Attukal pongala, annual offering done on Pooram star of Makaram, Malayalam month. It’s believed that Kannaki of Chilappathikaram, after burning Madhura Kingdom came to this place and to please her, people prepared rice-jaggery ponkala. It’s also believed that Kannaki went to heaven with her husband Kovalam from this place. Power of Attukal goddess is known world wide and no wonder, more than 3 millions of ladies do Attukal Pongala on this day, taking this celebration to Guinness book of world records. This temple is also famous for its ancient architecture and important rituals.


So, we have come to an end of this topic. Hoping it will be helpful for you.  

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