Step By Step Process Of SEO


To perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a website we need to follow few steps which are mentioned below.

  1. Analysis
  2. Ultimate Target
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Keyword Analysis
  5. SEO Content
  6. Types of Optimizations

Let us discuss them in briefly.

1.       Analysis

Analyzing which category the website related to, what elements are included in the website, how is the website url and everything regarding the website.

2. Ultimate Target

The exact result which client expecting from the website given us by him or her.

3. Competitor Analysis

Analyze the keywords, Check the pages which are highly ranked, Keyword repetition, Title framing, which keyword has included in the URL and everything about the competitor website.

4. Keyword analysis

While analyzing our client’s website we need to analyze keywords manually and then we need to do keyword research through manually analyzed keywords by using keyword research tools like Google Adword tool, word tracker. While performing keyword research we need check whether the keywords are popular or not. If the keyword has more popularity then it is waste of adopting it.

5. SEO content

SEO content means the content which is SEO friendly. Here SEO friendly is the number of keywords repeated in the content. The content should be unique and quality one. It should not be copied and paste from anywhere. If the content is duplicate then the Google Penalizes the website.

Search Engine Optimization mostly performed through search engines. Especially Google, Yahoo and Bing. But most of the optimizers opt Google as their Search Engine for optimization and the yahoo and Bing search engines are secondary. The main preference is for Google search engine because Google search engine is the best search engine for Search Engine Optimization and it has best site map technology also.

There 2 types of search engine optimization.

  1. On page optimization
  2. Off page optimization.

So let us know about in brief.

1. On page optimization:

It plays major role in Search Engine Optimization for particular website than off page optimization. But both optimizations are very important to perform search engine optimization for a website. It is maximum deals with html tags.

2. Off page Optimization:

Off page optimization deals with link building or getting backlinks for obtaining visibility to the website and improves traffic. 

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