Several Types Of Modular Kitchen Cabinets And Series

AAMODA is committed to providing quality products and services. Every company that supplies components to us must pass our stringent selection procedure. The entire production process has been systematically organized to ensure international standards in quality. The regular and independent systems and procedures assures of our ongoing reliability.

Various Type of Hyderabad Modular Kitchen Cabinets are Mentioned Below

  • Glass-front cabinets
  • Glass-front peninsula cabinets
  • Frameless glass-front cabinets
  • Picture-window cabinets
  • Sliding glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass-front base cabinets

Hyderabad Modular Kitchen

Glass-front cabinets:
It often used in upper areas of a kitchen, can make for a pretty and practical focal point. These clear cabinets can be illuminated for ambiance, display precious possessions, store functional kitchen items and ease transitions from room to room. It Can glass-front cabinets become the focal point for kitchen.

Glass-front peninsula cabinets:
kitchens have a peninsula that divides the cooking space and another adjacent space (often the dining room). Peninsulas are accessible on three sides.

Frameless glass-front cabinets:
Cost of Modular Kitchen Hyderabad glass-front cabinets have a wood frame with a glass center panel. Frameless glass-front cabinets have just one sheet of glass for the entire cabinet front. More contemporary in design, they create a sleek appearance with their decorative hinges and lack of hardware.

Picture-window cabinets:
kitchen that has more windows than wall space. Try putting wall cabinets directly over the windows, Picture-window cabinets are designed with no back panel, so sunlight can flow through.

Sliding glass:
Sliding cabinet doors have made a comeback in kitchens today. They glide on a recessed track (at the top and bottom) that allows two sheets of glass to travel back and forth as doors. Sliding glass doors sometimes have hardware that is drilled directly into the glass, but many simply have a finger pull cut through the glass.

Decorative glass:
Glass fronts, whether framed or frameless, come in many different patterns and finishes. Decorative glass known as seeded glass, which has little air pockets inside to create a textured appearance.

Glass-front base cabinets:
Many kitchens have glass only on upper cabinetry, but it can look just as good, too. Glass doors on base cabinets can deliver an extra visual punch and spice up cabinetry that faces other rooms.

Types Of Modular Kitchen Series

  • Delta Series
  • Alpha Series
  • Endura Series
  • Exotica Series
  • Renaissance Series
  • Omega Series
  • Exotica 1 Series
  • Techno Series

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Modular Kitchen Hyderabad Price

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CARCASS AND SHUTTERS: Inside and outside

CARCASS: It is only perfect when it fulfills the highest quality standards behind the fronts too.
Consequently in order to provide a uniform overall impression, the carcass of every kitchen manufactured by us are finished both inside and out in the same décor at no extra charge. Not only for plain colors but for all wood colors too.
The panels are made of marine plywood from selected imported timbers like gurjan and keruing.
The marine plywood bonded with chemical treatment, in order to sustain rigorous conditions involving changes in temperature and humidity.
Added advantage: powder proof guarantee of protection against borers and termites.

SHUTTERS: Shutter fronts gives euthenics to kitchen and all the shutters are procured from different manufacturers, in order to provide a great range of colors and designs.

Wardrobes are made with innovative designs and different models. With the space available at the site and framed with different shutters.


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