Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Nandi Hills which is also known as Nandi Betta is located in Chickkaballapur district of Karnataka State. Nandi hills is a famous holiday spot and tourist destination. Nandi hills is approximately located 60 kilometers from Bangalore city. Nandi hills is nearly 5000ft above sea level. Nandi hills is very close to Bangalore International airport.


According to the history, this place earlier was called as Anandagiri which means the hill of Happiness. Nandi hills is the perfect and awesome location to view the sunrise. Nandi hills is a popular picnic spot and for the persons who are nature lovers and interested to look at beautiful sceneries, Nandi hills is the perfect place.As per the history, the name Nandi hills originated as the hills resemble the shape of "NANDI"(Bull).


There are many more sight seeing places in and around Nandi Hills.Tippu Sultan's  Fort which is also known as Tashk-e-Jannat is one of the sight seeing place in nandi hills. As per history, this fort was built by HYDER ALI but Tippu Sultan completed it.Tippu sultan used this fort as his summer residence.


Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple, which is situated in nandi hills is ancient and sacred temple. Inside this temple, it is divided into three dedicated temples which are dedicated to arunachaleshwar, uma maheshwar and bhoga nandeeshwar. Nandi hills are open daily from six in the morning till ten at night. Buses are available from Bangalore, chikkaballapur to this location , till the hill foot. The temperature at nandi hills are around 8-10 centigrade in winter. Trekking is the famous activity in Nandi hills. Many enthusiasts from various corners of the city come here to trek this Nandi Betta. A river named Arkavathi takes birth at the south-side of this hill. At nandi hills, even there are cottages available for tourists for day and night stays. The early morning view from the hill top will leave you jaw-dropped. Nandi hills is one of the must- go place where you can leave all your tensions and enjoy the time. Government has taken an initiative to develop nandi hills. Currently Nandi hills development is going on and even the renovation of tippu's fort is also a part of it. Music stage, grover yards and even botanical garden construction also undergoing in this area.

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