Mysore, which is in the state of Karnataka, can be found at foothills of Chamundi. It is very well known and is the most sought-after hill station of India. People also associate this area with the Chamundi Temple. Numerous tourists from India, as well as from other countries, arrive here to relish the elegance of Mysore. Mysore perpetually remains as a place of interest with visitors. Sightseers always spend some time to stopover at these places of Mysore when traveling.

1. Mysore Palace: - Mysore palace is located in the center of the Mysore metropolis. It was an authoritative residence edifice of one of the erstwhile royal families from Mysore. It has moreover housed Durbar, which is the term of contemporary royal officers.

2. Brindavan Garden: - it is one of the most acclaimed and most visited places of Mysore. The portrayal of this garden is cited even in textbooks for children. It is a type of display garden, which has several exquisite parks. This setting is full of electrifying and beautiful fountains. Boat journeying in these gardens supplements pure enjoyment and is indeed another remarkable feature. This botanical also comprises some musical fountains, a few biological research hubs, and many other amusing places. A few guesthouses for the sightseer are located at the Krishna Raja Sagara dam.

3. Jaganmohan Palace: - Jaganmohan palace was constructed in 1861. It was raised entirely in Hindu style and aided as a royal palace. Posterior to the burning down of the earlier Mysore Palace, this Jaganmohan Palace was used by a royal family as their home. This Palace is constituted with three floors which are completely screened with varnished glass shutters.

4. Chamundi Hills: - these mountains are very near to the Mysore city. The average height of this hillock is about thousand meters. Visitors can see a ravishing landscape of Mysore city from the tip of this hill. Other prominent features include the racecourse, Mysore palace, Lalitha Mahal and the Kukkrahalli lakes. On Sundays, especially at twilight, there are exceptional and delightful views than can be seen. During the Dasara celebration, the Mysore Palace appears as glittering gold. Dasara is one of the chief festivals of Southern parts of India. This magnificent festival is widely celebrated in India as the indication of victory of good over evil. . This prominent festival is celebrated every year and depends on the Mysore calendar called MYSORE PANCHANGA. It is a celebration that lasts ten days. The initial nine days are celebrated as 'Navaratri', meaning nine nights, while the tenth day is the most awaited Dasara (Dussehra).

Mysore offers authentic Karnataka cuisine featuring three courses. South Indian meals are mostly served on plantain leaf. Mysore is also famous for its well acclaimed traditional dessert called ‘MYSORE PAK’, which is a must you are visiting the town. It is definitely a place with a lot of diversity and rich Indian heritage.

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