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Whole country has several places where you can visit but if we are talking about beautiful places in Indian Himalayas then you can make a wonderful decision to visit northern Himalayas. There are some following destination which are famous for beauty::


Chandratal Lake

There are several wonderful places in Spiti but if we are talking about lake then Chandratal lake is one of the most beautiful lake. It is also known by Moon lake and very famous in Spiti, Specifically popular for its heavenly crescent shape surrounded by the humongous Himalayan Mountains. Surrounded by Mountain and valleys make this place more special. This beautiful place may give you a spiritual experience. At the edge of lake you can see here and there a lot of wonders of beauty. You can enjoy your every moment with your family, Friends, Office member etc. You can make an amazing moment at this Lake. Evenings are nippier and hence sitting round a warm campfire and sharing stories is a great past time.There is the charm of sleeping in a tent surrounded by the mighty Himalayas. Because of its high altitude, Nights are generally cold and sometimes in spite of your blanket and sleeping bag, You might feel cold. You should visit this wonderful destination once in your life.


Zanskar Valley

Ladakh has a lot of wonderful destinations and places. This place is surrounded by several mountains and valleys. All mountains and valleys are very delightful. You can experience a spiritual peacefulness here. There is a valley which is very famous and known by Zanskar valley. This valley is located in Zanskar region which is near to Kargil and Ladakh. This valley surrounded by very beautiful and calm environment which increases it's beauty. If you are a seeker and fond of adventure then you should visit this wonderful destination once in your life. This valley may offers you a amazing experience of life which you will never forget. A view of valley always looking beautiful when you can see a part of blue sky with enormous valleys.


Nubra Valley

Ladhak is a beautiful place in India and it has a lot of wonders and places where you can visit with your nearest. There is a valley which is known by Nubra Valley. This valley is situated in Leh, Capital of Ladakh. Nubra valley has sand dunes and you will get to enjoy the ride of camels having two humps. If you love adventure, visiting the Nubra Valley will be a highlight of your travels in high-altitude Ladakh. There are many things which you can do and several places where you may visit. You can see Bactarian camel safari, Panamik village,Yarab Tso, Sumur, Diskit monastery, Lachung temple and Hundur monastery,Samstanling Monastery, Maitreya Buddha etc. This destination is famous for its beauty and calm environment. Therefore, Once in your life you should visit this wonderful valley.


Dal Lake

India has a lot of charming places and destination. Jammu and kashmir is a place which is known for beautiful places and calm environment. Because of it's beauty, Every year, several tourist visit this wonderful destination even there are several places and lakes where you can visit. There a lake is very famous which is known by Dal lake. Such a beautiful lake surrounded by Valleys and mountains. It can attract everyone with it's beauty.You can feel a spiritual calm environment which make you relax not only physically and spiritually as well. You can make some amazing moment of your life which you will never want to forget. This destination offers some amazing moment of your life. Therefore, Once in your life should visit this wonder of Jammu and kashmir.


Spiti River

India is a country of beautiful places and destinations. There are several rivers which are very beautiful. If we are talking about river in spiti then you should know that it is a best one. This is a river which is floating between spiti valleys. Spiti valleys also known for calm and wonderful environment. That's why, It is famous for adventure activities and tourism. You can make some wonderful moment with your nearest. It is a most beautiful place in Indian Himalayas. You should visit this wonderful valley and river as well. You can feel the beauty of these surroundings. A river always make your soul very calm and pure.


If you want some spiritual experience then you should visit this wonderful places of Indian Himalayas like Lahaul and Spiti from Goa.

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