Look At You As Your Own Boss


Look at you with boss’s eye

 Most professionals know value of self-assessment because that is the best way to keep you up to date. What I feel the best way to do that is to look at our own work with the views of your boss, I mean the way your boss would asses you. You will see that once you begin looking at your own activities the way your superiors do, you find big changes in your attitude.

Professional attitude

Most managers at senior levels find it tough to cope with extra demands of the post those are part of the job, maybe not directly but you have to find a solution for them even if those are not part of your job. You know what, when you get a promotion you like the package part of it but when it comes to added responsibilities in form of added verticals to your job profile you want to rant about them. And there begins your problem.

A good professional never rants but try to solve his problems on his own and not his own but people working around him as his seniors or juniors. You should know the art of finishing your work with perfection .Look at it this way suppose as a marketing wing head, you report to your director marketing! Try to be your own director marketing for a day every month and expect from your own self whatever your director would have expected from you. I am sure once you know the secret, you will find reasons to be motivated and do your work with renewed energy level.

Do not make complaints

Never go to you boss with a problem because that does not show you in a good way. That simply is an indication of your incapability because as a senior manager you are supposed to bring a solution and not a problem or complaint. Your boss who has reached to the top of the rank with the ability to solve problems expects you to do the same for your organization and leave the complaining and problem raising part for junior employees.

To end the topic I would like to remind you the value of punctuality because nothing else would help your cause than punctuality. Please read ‘punctuality’ as work with in stipulated period and not that you go and sit on your chair dot at nine in the morning.       

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