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Kurukshetra is the ancient location where the famous war in between Kourvas and Pandavs took place and the place where Lord Krishna delivered his message to Arjun that is known as teachings of Bhagwat Gita. The history of Kurukshetra dates back to King Kurushravan according to Rig-Veda and Yajur-Veda refers Kurukshetra as place where Krishna, Shiva and Vishnu organized most of their Yajnas or Yagya frequently.

The background

King Kuru described Kurukshetra as a place as main religious centers, where a person could get rid of all his sins merely by living or visiting there. Kurukshetra was an important place for Vaidik culture during Brahman era. According to old religious books, Kurukshetra was first choice of gods where they performed Yagya on regular basis and it was famous as land of Yagya and Tapasya or spiritual practices.

The importance of Kurukshetra

There is another popular belief which explains Kurukshetra as seven Kose land (equal to 14 miles) that Kuru ploughed by golden plough. This was the same land where Kuru spent his entire life and earned a place in heaven in the process of his worship. This was objected by Indra and other gods but accepted after an agreement that if a person would come to Kurukshetra for religious purpose or die fighting in a war will be allowed a place in heaven. Kurukshetra thus became the place of spiritual practices and wars.

According to 83rd chapter of Vanparv in Mahabharat, Yudhisthar the eldest brother of Pandavas has described Kurukshetra as one of the holiest of places situated at the Southern and Northern banks of River Swarsati where merely living was considered as good as living in heavens. There are many holy places around Kurukshetra and according to another common belief these all gather at Brhamsar, a holy tank in Kurukshetra, on every full Moonless night. People visiting here on such nights get full benefit of this occasion which helps them getting rid of their sins.


Kurukshetra is considered as one of the holiest pilgrimage among Hindus who specially come here during the Solar eclipses for the psurpose of taking a holy dip in Brhamsar tank and donation to poor and Brahmans. People offering donations on such occasions are said to get a place in heaven. Kurukshetra is well connected with almost every main cities of India by rail, road and air. 

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