King Bharthari - A Folk Saint

King Bharthari

Bharthari according to Purans was a brave and knowledgeable king who ruled over Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh state. He was not only an able king but had a heart of an artist who had interest in cultures, literature and political studies. His court was full of very wise courtiers and many artists in different fields often visited his kingdom. Bharthari stayed in Ujjain as a king for very long duration serving his people very efficiently but left Ujjain in the end to settle in a place near Sariska of Alwar district in Rajasthan which later became famous as Bharthari.

Bharthari the place

Bharthari is located about thirty-five kilometers away from district headquarters of Alwar in the Arawali hills range which in itself is a beautiful place that attracts tourists. Bharthari is famous for folklore related with people’s belief about different stories which are associated with faith and trust of local people who come to visit this place for its religious value.

The full story

There are hundreds of different versions about Bharthari, which is among the thousands of folk pilgrimages of Rajasthan state where people gather twice for big fetes every year. People assemble here from different states of India to be part of it for various reasons which have historical as well religious values. A sect of Yogi Panth called Nath has special interest in this place making it a point to come and visit Bharthari’ last resort.

There is another version that says king Bharthari was disappointed with the behavior of his wife who kept illegal relations with other people which forced him decide to leave everything behind and come to settle in Alwar district. However the ultimate truth is that Bharthari lived his last days in here serving locals in different ways which made him popular as a saint. People respected him for his knowledge and came to him for solution finding of their problems.


Whatever the reason Bharthari was popular as a Yogiraj among the people in surrounding areas and later became a saint. The name of the place also became popular after him that is considered a big pilgrimage having historical and religious value in Rajasthan and surrounding states.  

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