Six hundred years old temple occupies Panchaloha idol of Goddess Karikathamma as the main deity. The devotees considered goddess as the incarnation of Goddess Parvathi.  For most of the devotees goddess was like Amma fulfilling all their wishes. The temple is located at Karikkakam 7 km north of Thiruvananthapuram city. Here Devi is dedicated to Goddesss Chamundi in three different forms, Maha chamundi, Rakta chamundi and Bala chamundi. Other deities in this temple are Sashta, Ganapathi, Yakshiamma, Nagar,  Ayiravalli and Bhuvenesheriamma. There is also a Gurumandiram on the left side of the temple. Devotees regardless of caste, creed and race are allowed to enter the temple.

Rekta Chamundi:

Right side of the Devi is the Rekta Chamundi Nada. The door of the nada was opened for those devotees who are taken special token. Here there is no idol of Devi only a wall painting of Devi in a fierce picture. During the reign of Maharaja the accused culprits were brought to this temple to reveal the truth. They had to put 21 coins in front of the Devi and promised to tell the truth. Nobody dared to tell a lie in front of the Devi. It is believed that if any pooja or offerings are given to Rektha Chanmundi the devotees get a sudden relief from all their sorrows.

Bala Chamundi:

Couples without a child pray in front of the Devi to get a child. If they are blessed with a child they gave cradles and toys as offerings. It is believed that if any children have severe disease, praying in front of Bala Chamundi will cure their diseases.     


It is on the outside the temple wall under a huge tree. To remove Sarpadosham, devotees offer Ayilya pooja and Nurum Palum.

The Makham star in the Malayalam month of Meenam is considered as the Pongala day. Pongala means rice cooked with jaggery, ghee, coconut and nuts in small pots to please the Goddess. Pongala attracts thousands of devotees from all around the state. Pongala will hold along the roads within 6 km near to the temple. Kadum Payasam is the main offerings to please the Devi. Other offerings are Palpayasam,  Pournami pooja, Rekta Pushparchana and Panchamritha Abhishekam. 

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