Interesting History Of Kolkata


The city of Kolkata boasts a historical past of over 300 years. The old name of the city was Calcutta and is one of the biggest cities of India. After the independence of India, Calcutta became the capital of the state of West Bengal.


The Reason For Its Name


There are many interesting stories how the city got its name.


- It got its name from the name of the Hindu deity Kali. The name Kalikshetra, abode of Kali later came to be called as Calcutta.

- In Bengali language, the language spoken by the masses there, Khal would refer to canal and thus it got the name.

- Lime stone manufacturing was seen there and Kali means lime and Kata would refer to burnt shell. So lime stone from burnt shell would have made the name Kalikata.

- The area is flat and flat area is called as Kilkila in Bengali language and the name might have originated from this.


Rooting of East India Company


There were three villages namely Kalikata, Sutanuti and Gobindapur in the early part of 18th century. The landlord called Sabarna Roy Choudhury sold these villages to Job Charnok of East India Company. The city had natural boundaries like river, creek and salt lakes on all the three sides protecting the place. That was the reason why the East India Company was interesting in the place. After their rooting there, according to the order of the First George King, civil court was established there. In the second half of the eighteenth century the capital of British was established in this place and it served as their capital until it was transferred to Delhi in 1911.


Frequent Wars


Seven Years War broke out between French and English and so British started repairing the old Fort William in Calcutta. The Nawab, Siraj Ud Daulah did not like this and got irritated thinking that this effort will bring him misfortune. So he attached Calcutta and captured it on 20th June 1756. He renamed the city after his grandfather Alivardi Khan as Alipur.


Robert Clive was enraged with this Seize of Calcutta and wanted to take revenge on him. Murshidabad was attacked and on 23rd June 1757, he defeated Siraj Ud Daulah at the Battle of Plassey. Later English had to face the Nawab of Oudh and the Mughal King at the Battle of Buxar. After this battle, in 1765, Calcutta completely came into the control of the British.


The opium trade was conducted in Calcutta by the East India Company. They auctioned opium which was in turn smuggled to Canton in China. Due to this many opium wars were fought.


Timeline of Important Events in Calcutta


In 1698 three villages were purchased by East India Company.


In 1715 the old fort was rebuilt.


In 1780, Bengal Gazette the first Indian newspaper was launched by William Hickey.


In 1817, the famous Presidency College was founded in Calcutta.


In 1828, the monument Sahid Minar was built.


In 1857 the University of Calcutta was started.


In 1883 Surendra Banerjee arranged a national conference in Calcutta.


In 1911 the British capital was moved to Delhi from Calcutta.


In 1978 the city suffered a major flood.


In 1984 the first color television transmission was started.


In 1995, the first cellular phone service was launched.


In 2001, Calcutta was renamed as Kolkata.


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