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Indian cricket team has been losing games in last couple of months constantly despite best possible personal efforts. As far I am concerned, I have started to believe the team needs our best wishes for the coming World Cup starting 14th February in Australia. As current World champion team I also feel the Indian team needs the will power it showed back in 1983 and 2011. I hope the players will do their best starting their campaign against Pakistan on 15th February and will keep their record straight.

No Comparisons this time

I wish they win this tournament and become three time world cup holder a step that only Australia has achieved so far by winning the cup for record four times. I have been watching cricket for years and have witnessed hundreds of sensational games. At the same time I also agree we cannot compare two teams or games with each other as the situation differ with each venue and we shall have to keep in mind that India is not doing well for some time now so we are in no position to underestimate Pakistan at this time.

Not much hope

Despite being a die-hard fan of Indian cricket I have no reason to give Indian team a very good chance since we seriously lack world class bowlers in our team beside an opening pair of batsmen that we can rely upon. I do not understand why despite spending such a huge amount on our team, coaches, support staff we have not been able to produce bowlers which could provide constant results. The world cup is an important event and we can see we have no good preparations this time around.

Do we perform better on home grounds?

That is one question almost all of us ask when we see Indian team performing poorly on foreign grounds especially in countries where the tracks are fast and bouncy. It’s not that some of our team members are not performing well but they are not doing it constantly barring perhaps Virat Kohli but too many experiments with his batting order will affect his performance and he should play at his usual one down position. I wish Indian team all the best. 

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