Goddess Tripra Sundri Of Rajasthan


Tripura Sundri temple

Tripura Sundri temple situated 17 km west of headquarters of Banswara district in Rajasthan where a very big and beautiful eighteen-armed, black stone made idol of Mother Bhagwati is established. The temple known as one of the oldest Shakti Peeths of India is also famous as Tarai Ma temple as Tripura Sundri or Mother Bhagwati is more famous with this name in this particular area. The idol of Ma Bhagwati sitting on a tiger has a different weapon in all her eighteen hands to fight with her enemies.

History of temple

No one knows about the construction time of this temple, as there is no mention about it anywhere in authentic or religious books but the temple has a very old Shivaling that dates back to emperor Kanishka. There is a museum also inside the temple, which contains many broken idols. The facts found on epigraphs or inscriptions are the only source, which provide proofs about temple’s reconstruction that was carried out in Sanvat 1157 and about temple’s history.

Goddess Tripura Sundri

As per general belief, Mother Tripura Sundri was Ista Devi or cherished divinity worshipped by Parmar Kings of Malawas, Solanki Kings of Gujarat and many of the Rajasthani kings and emperors of surrounding areas. These three clans of different states took the responsibility of keeping the temple in good shape and maintained. The area also developed because people from all these three states visited it regularly and took care of each other without any differences.

Visitors and devotees from all parts of the country

Devotees and business communities spread the culture and business of each other in other surrounding states, which brought prosperity to these areas as well other places from where people came for business purpose to Banswara. Therefore, the temple of Tripura Sundri has become the center of attraction of thousands of people who visit here for religious and business purpose. The Mother Tripura Sundri, the Goddess of courage and bravery, attracts her devotees from all over the country in big numbers every day. The temple itself is situated in a beautiful location surrounded by forests that make it more attractive for adventure loving visitors as well.

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