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Gaya is one of the three best pilgrimage centers combinedly known among Indians as Triasthli where last rituals of a deceased person assures him a permanent riddance from rebirth. According to Hindu mythology, Gaya is one of the three famous places where Moksha is possible if Pinda Daan is performed with traditional ways. The other two such centers are Prayag and Kashi respectively but Gaya is considered the best among these three world famous pilgrim centers, which attract visitors for different reasons.

Background of Gaya

According to Vanparv chapter in Mahabharat a person should have a son for specific purpose of performing last rituals of his ancestors in any of the places mentioned for the particular purpose of having Moksha. Gaya is considered the best among the three places for Moksha purpose as per Narad, Padam, Varah, Garura and Vayu Purans. According to Vayu Puran, there is no piece of land in Gaya, which is not sacred.

Importance of Gaya

According to these Purans, last rituals of a person in holy Gaya are equivalent to ‘Knowledge of Brahma himself’, ‘living in Kurukshetra’, another holy pilgrim located in north India and Goudaan (Donation of cows). Gaya, a city surrounded by Falguni River, hills and holy tank, is divided into two parts. The inner part of Gaya is known as old Gaya and the newer one, Sahib Ganj located by the railway station. There are certain famous and fixed places for the purpose of Pinda Daan Akshay Bat, Ram Shila, Pret Shila, Vaitarni and Vageswhari all famous banks of River Falguni where last rituals performed after taking holy dip and performing proper Pooja.

Vaitarni Tank

Although last rituals in Gaya can be performed round the year, the best time for Pooja is considered during Pitra Paksha of Ashwin month, a fixed period according to Hindu Mythology when Hindus do not begin a new work or business but devote it to their ancestors. There is a saying among Hindus, a person whose last rituals are performed in Gaya and his remains dispersed in Vaitarni Kund, considered the river in between Heaven and Earth, go to Heaven.

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