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Football world cup 2014 is running. It has another craze. Thirty two countries have participated. After every four years it happens in different countries. This time Brazil has organized this big tournament. We, Indians are also football lover and sure we will be in touch during this one month.  But to play in world cup it is a dream till now. The Indians also play this game.  There are many teams in Bengal, Goa, and Kerala etc. East Bengal, Mohanbagan, Charchil, Salgaokar etc are some famous name.

We play few matches against some foreign teams every year. Some times we play well and sometime we learn many things from them but we can not improve ourselves. Many foreign footballers and coaches have come here and also tried to improve the Indian football.  There are many renowned footballers are here and also trying to improve our football system.

Some other games like cricket are also famous here. The money, name honors are more here than football.  So in new generation children like to be a cricketer than a footballer. Infrastructure of cricket is too better than football also. So we should improve the infrastructure of football first. Then we have to change our mentality, we have to take oath that we also can play. It will be better to choose some talented players and should make arrangement to practice in foreign countries.  Sponsorship should be given to those players and team also. There should be no politics in this game. We should choose our best team and also we have to do a long term plan. Then our dream will be true and may also see that our Country is also playing world cup football one day.

If we can get success in cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis then also we can do well in football-we should keep faith on this line. Sending some footballers and administrators to see world cup matches is not sufficient. We have to introduce all system what the foreign teams do. If we are successful in many fields then why we will be behind in football. We love to dream and if the dream will be real one day then we can reach in another milestone.

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I am a football lover and want to see that oneday India is playing worldcup football.

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