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Coming to pilgrims India plays holds the major share; in those pilgrims a part from north India south India also have very famous temples. Amararama temple of Amaravathi has got its existence for the presence of Lord Shiva. This temple is located near the city of Guntur. Amararama swamy or Amaralingeswara swamy represents Lord Shiva. According to the legend, Head of the gods INDRA has established and installed this sivalinga at the southern bank of the river Krishna.

The Renovation and development of this temple were done by Vasi reddy Venkatadri Naidu, a great devotee of Amara Lingeswara Swamy. He was the king of Chintapalli & DharaniKota. This King lost his mental Peace and stability because of his kingship and internal problems  because of his kingdom and eventually he came to Amaravathi and regained his peace and he became a permanent devotee of amaralingeswara swamy .Then he changed his place  to Amaravathi and he spent his entire money on building temples for lord Shiva. For this Amararama temple he put the best priest in the city to do archana and the rituals and puja for the lord and he gave them 12 acres land each including their basic needs including their family needs.

Coming to the festivals of this temple, the main and attractive festivals are MahaShivaratri famous for its Jagarana (famous for sacrificing the sleep) and Navaratri and Kalyana utsavas. The Maha shivaratri festival normally comes in Magha Bahula Dasami. So Amaravathi became the famous and important place (normally known as kshetra in the language of Sanskrit) and it is a sacred place of worship and inprtance. Inspite of the religions, this place became famous pilgrim for both Hindus and Buddhists.

The Amararamalinga is very tall and the priest performs their daily rituals to the sivalinga by mounting on a pedestal. According to the legend when the sivalinga was growing up continuously..a nail was had hit to the linga  and the siva linga started bleeding itself and till now the stain is visible to all till now. That stain is visible on the top of the siva linga in red color even today to all the devotees who came to serve (called as darshan). 

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