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The world of cartoon books and magazines is over

The era of comic magazines or books seems to be is over now. There were lots of magazines until a decode back which attracted children for entertainment and enhancement of knowledge as well but no more as the idiot box has destroyed them all. Video games and cartoon channels have taken over world of printed stuff, now no one asks for a comic magazine any more. 

Children and adults liked comics alike

Children used to wait for those magazines, which published in sequels/serials to know about the further stories curiously but the world has gone high-tech, none is interested in those printed magazines any more. And the worst part is some of the cartoon channels are spoiling children like if you have ever watched Shin- Chan, he seems to be the worst with his attitude, although there is no doubt that children enjoy this serial as the character seems to attract them a lot. However, parents in India are not much happy with this serial as their children are following his bad habits. Most parents do not approve this series of cartoon serial Shin-Chan, a very popular Japanese series, written and illustrated by famous writer Yoshito Usui.

Adult serials V/S children serials

There are hundreds of serials and reality shows in Indian television industry which are considered indecent for family viewing but some of the children cartoon serials are ahead of these perhaps the way these are presented and misguiding children. Children are learning bad manners from these cartoon channels and practicing these in their daily life while dealing with their parents and teachers. The way children are behaving and treating their elders, calls for a blanket ban on these serials.

These serials presented on our channels in different languages by dubbing them are teaching children how to cheat their friends, pun, finding shortcuts of jobs instead of trying hard to achieve success, love affairs in tender age, aggression and bad mouthing, which are not part of our culture. Therefore, serials exposing children to bad attitude and manners need to be reviewed before airing them allover again. 

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Suny thinks we should watch what our children watch.

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