Can You Join A Conference Call Without Internet

With the internet dependency growing day-by-day, this is one question that needs to be answered. When talking about the conference call, there are two ways to go about it. One is the traditional way of calling with the bridge numbers and PINs, while the other one is the internet-based or VoIP, where the name itself suggests that the solution works on the internet. So, the answer is that conference calling is possible without the internet. However, going by the traditional process, you will definitely need an internet connection if you want to make a call using Skype or WhatsApp. And, not just the internet, the host and the participants need to be on the solution interface, or have the app installed on their device as well. And, if this isn’t enough, such solutions don’t allow the host more than 10-20 participants.


Traditional or Internet-based?

How many of you are comfortable remembering bridge numbers and PINs to join a conference call? It is the most confusing and ineffective way of conference calling. But what are the other options? Even though there are several apps and platforms, they need an internet connection, without which you cannot make a call. So, both traditional and internet-based calling are not able to resolve your conference calling problem. What one needs is an app or a platform that works without the internet. Is there anything out there?


Enter grptalk

grptalk is a conference calling app developed by Telebu, a Hyderabad-based organization. It surpasses all the problems of traditional and internet-based conference calling. It works on dial-out mode, which means the host and the participants just need to answer an incoming call from a local grptalk number to join their audio conference call. The host needs to schedule the call, so that s/he, along with the participants, will receive the call at the scheduled time. You can even connect with people living in remote locations and call up landline numbers as well. You can also get customized packages depending on the requirement.

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I’m marketing specialist at grptalk. grptalk is an audio conferencing app that lets you talk to a group of people from anywhere, and at any time.

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