Book Review Of 'God Of Small Things'

‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy, winner of The Booker Prize was a fantastic journey through the letters. I had booked the book on Flipkart to know what content it had that made the novel a Booker Prize winner. I was truly mesmerized about what I found out finally. I had a wonderful time reading this novel.


The story goes around Ayemenem, a house in Kerala. The story starts with a vague description about many characters in the novel, and slowly we begin to know each and every person in detail. Many incidents of death and mourning were told at the first and I was unable to digest all that in the beginning. But at the end, I came to realize that it was all worth it.


The characters in the story include Estha, Rahel – twin brother and sister and their mother Ammu who are the central characters of the story. Other characters include Sophie Mol, their cousin sister, Chacko, their uncle, Margaret Kochamma, Chacko’s wife, Baby Kochamma, Chacko’s mother and Velutha, an untouchable worker in their factory. Ayemenem had a pickle factory named ‘Paradise Pickles’ where they made and marketed various kinds of pickles and jams.


Ammu got divorced some years back and she’s with her two children back in her family home. Later, she gets into a relationship with Velutha, which is only revealed at the end of the story. Unlike her first love and first marriage, this one was very genuine and close to Ammu’s heart. Velutha loved her so much that he was unable to refuse her love even when he knew that their love would never get them anywhere and maybe even fatal.  Sophie Mol gets killed in an accident where Estha and Rahel took her in a boat towards the other shore of the river. The boat turned over and the children fell into the river where Estha and Rahel knew how to swim and Sophie Mol didn’t.


Later at the end of the story, Velutha is killed by the brutal attack of Policemen. Ammu also dies in a lodge room in a faraway city where she had gone for a job. Meanwhile, Estha was working somewhere along with his father. Ammu had sent him when situations were wrong at Ayemenem.


I would definitely suggest this book to all the people who love reading. You’ll be definitely awestruck at the language and the way of presentation of the story by Arundhati Roy. I had truly become a great fan of hers and is waiting to read her next novel which had been recently published.

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