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You can be used for money laundering

Recently some of our top banks were found involved in money laundering activities by a digital magazine describing how these banks were letting customers use their accounts for money laundering, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, you should be very careful about your accounts especially dormant accounts no more in use but lying in different banks due to your laziness. You can become part of money laundering by fraudsters who invent new ways to hook you for their purpose through chatting sites or offering you easy looking jobs using your ban accounts. They give you genuine looking offers

* Cheaters offer you jobs pretending to be financial management schemes where they offer you up to 10% amount for transfer of money to foreign accounts through your bank account. You find it an easy source of income not taking into account its consequences. The modus operandy is simple, they transfer funds into your account asking you to send 90% of the amount in a particular account. That way the money transferred is taken for your contribution while the money such sent to a particular account is black money sent to an overseas account. If the authorities ever caught you at it, you may face heavy penalties or even a term of jail. 

* Likewise, some people open accounts in different bans for different purposes but cease using few of these accounts in case of change of location or for any other reasons. The fraudsters take advantages of such accounts with the help of greedy bank employees who for the sake of easy money use such accounts for transferring money to overseas accounts for illegal purposes. They earn money but put you in danger of being liable to face punishment under anti-laundering act, therefore you are advised to close all your ‘dormant’ accounts.

You  should be careful

In case you get an offer of such jobs in your  mailbox or any other website because such offers are usually fake jobs trying to lure you into illegal activities. This is applicable even for big companies as well because companies offering such jobs may not be real but using their names by making look alike websites. You must check their offers, use of language, grammar and spelling mistakes. If you find any suspicious activity, report the matter to concerned authorities immediately to safeguard yours and others interests in general. 

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