Be Careful While Performing Online Transactions

  1. When you get a call, asking for your card Pin number and Account details then don’t entertain the call. If it is necessary to say your details then you confirm the person to whom you are giving the details and then give. Actually, Bankers never ask bank details through the phone. So be careful.
  2. It is not safe to send credit card or bank details through E-Mail as the hacker always try to hack using Fishing mails.
  3. The passwords and pin numbers which we type while dealing online deals then you should take care so that you won’t get caught by shoulder surfing. Shoulder surfing is a kind hacking which records what the person is doing at online. So most of the direct hackers use this. Especially public cafes and offices. while you type the passwords and pin number the hackers will look at your shoulders and observe the pin number and while you talk on the phone then the hacker keenly listen to your words and note the important information related to your bank account and dealings. Therefore, it is not safe to tell bank details on phone.
  4. While performing internet banking, instead of manual keyword it is suggested to use virtual keyboard provided by E-Banks. Especially use while performing internet banking at internet cafes. Because some people use kilagars in net cafes to capture the bank details like pin number, credit card number etc. Actually Kilagars is software used to hack the accounts. Later they will take these details; they will misuse them and perform cybercrimes. Some hackers use spyware, Trojan programs to steal passwords.
  5. While performing internet banking, don’t ever take help from the strangers. Few people willingly come forward to help you as they already know that you are performing net banking. But don’t ever give a chance to them.
  6. Avoid using pc without anti-virus for net banking. Because, it will be very easy for the hackers to make such pc’s under their control.
  7. Always update the browsers which a you are using. Then only we can perform online transactions or dealing safe. Don’t use the same password for a long time and for all the accounts.
  8. Don’t write your account passwords on paper and keep in your purse or desk. Though it may be your room or cabin. But it is not at all safe.
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