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Pune is a city in Maharashtra. It lies in Western Ghats on its leeward side. Pune weather is pleasant almost in all months of the year. Weather in Pune is moderate i.e. it is neither unbearably hot in summers nor freezing cold in winter. Since, Pune weather does not vary on extreme ends, people can visit the city anytime in the year. Pune lies in Deccan plateau on its western side. On the globe, it is located at 18°32”N and 73°51”E. it lies 559m above the level of sea. Pune has two rivers Mula and Mutha. These rivers are the tributaries of Bhima. What makes Pune weather even more pleasant is that it is bounded by hills on its three sides! Weather in Pune is dry and tropical wet. The average temperature of this city located 160 km from Mumbai is in the range of 20 to 28°C or 68 to 82°F.

In Pune, there are three distinctive seasons: winter, summer and monsoon. Summer commences from March and continues till May. Generally, the mercury does not go beyond 30 to 38° C. However, April 30 1897 was exceptionally hot and on that day and mercury hit 43.3°C. Usually, April is the hottest month of the year. It starts raining in Pune by May. However, high temperature combined with humidity make May an uncomfortable month. Monsoons start from June and last till October. Since Pune lies on the Western Ghats’ leeward side, Pune experiences moderate rainfall. The temperatures do not exceed 28°C. Generally, maximum rainfalls occur in July. Winter commence from November. During day, it is very comfortable as maximum temperature is around 28°C. However, at night, the temperatures fall down to 10°C. On January 17, 1935, it was exceptionally cold and the temperature had reached 1.7°C.

The main seasons of Pune are as follows:


Summer starts in Pune in March and continues till July. Mornings are generally pleasurable and cool while it is breezy and pleasant in the evenings. However, during the day, it is very sunny. The day with its dry heat makes the weather too hot. Thus, it is good to wear sunglasses, hats and apply sunscreen during this season. Usually, the temperatures do not exceed the range of 20-38°C. However, as a result of global warming, Puneites are witnessing increasing temperatures during this season. It has become impossible to survive this season without coolers and AC’s.

Monsoon season lies between July and October. During this season, the city receives 722 mm of rainfall. During monsoons, the humidity becomes very high. The temperature during monsoons lies between a ranges of 18-30°C. During this period, people should always carry umbrellas with them to avoid getting wet in rains.


Pune weather is the most salubrious in winter. Winters starts in November and continues till February. During December-January, the temperature falls to 5°C. However, the daytime is usually good and people do not need to wear too many woolen clothes.

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