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The main deity in Vellayani Devi temple is of Goddess Bhadrakali, who is considered as the daughter of Lord Shiva. Seven hundred year old temple is located near Vellayani Lake at Thiruvananthapuram. The idol of Goddess Kali is situated at the northern side of the temple, means in Malayalam Vadekkenada. The temple has a huge idol known as “Thirumudi” which is four and half feet in height and breadth. It is considered as the largest idol when comparing to other idols of Kali in Kerala temples. The other deities in this temple are Lord Shiva, Lord Ganapathi, Nagaraja and Madan Thampuran.  For Madan Thampuran a sub temple is also there. Against other temples it opens on every Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at 12.30 p.m. and closes at 2.00 p.m. On all other days opens as usual.

Here the festival is celebrated for 50 to 60 days. It is one of the longest temple festivals in south Kerala. The festival attracts thousands of devotees from various parts of the district. The festival is held in every three years between the month of February and April. The festival is called “Kaliyootu  Mahotsavam” means festival to feed Devi. Wide range of customes goes with the festival. Many of the customs are performed by certain class of people.


It is a special ritual in which poojari carries the idol on his head and performes some trance like dance until he is unconscious. It is believed that Goddess Bhadrakali had searched her enemy Dharukan in all directions before putting him to death.


This is another custom performed during the festival at midnight. Mathsyam, Sampannam, Chathurasramam, Sarppamudra and Jyothimudra are some of the gestures used by the performers. Virgin girls are usually prohibited from watching Uchabali.


This ritual marks the conclusion of Kaliyootu Mahotsavam at the temple.


The festival ends with a grand procession known as Aarattu. It is conducted at Vellayani Lake, the only fresh water lake in Thiruvananthapuram district. The procession includes thalapoli, chenda melam, various floats, peacock dance etc. A large crowd of people from various parts came to see the Aarattu.


Pongala attracts thousands of women devotees. It is held on Malayalam month of Meenam on Aswathi star. It is also called Aswathy pongala. Pongala means rice cooked with jiggery, coconut, ghee andnuts in a small pot to please the Devi.  

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