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Udvada Travel Guide

    Iranshah Atash Behram

    Iranshah Atash Behram



Udvada Travel Guide

The town of Udvada is located in the Indian state of Gujarat. This is popularly known as an important place of Zoroastrian worship. This is visited by thousands of Zoroastrian pilgrims from all over the world each year. This is easily accessible from different parts of Gujarat as well as Mumbai and other states. There are several modes of transport available.

This is a quiet and serene place that is famous for the presence of Atash Behram. This is one of the fire temples that’s located in India and is of great significance for the Parsi community in India and abroad that are followers of Zoroastrian faith. There is also a Zoroastrian heritage museum that is situated in Udvada.

Besides it religious significance the destination of Udvada is also well known as a coastal town that is aplenty with the natural beauty of the sea and its beaches. There is a great deal of picturesque and scenic locales here that can be a perfect way to spend a short break or a weekend. Being in close distance of several cities like Mumbai this is a place that holds great possibilities for tourism development. It can be that perfect quaint place that can take the stress off your minds during a weekend.

To add life and cost-effective options to your budget there is a wide range of low cost accommodations available here at Udvada. The town receives a fairly large number of tourists all through the year owing to the importance of the place for the Parsi community that visit regularly. And to add to the fun and enjoyment there is also the easy availability of mouthwatering cuisine. There are different types of food options that will make your trip here truly wonderful.

As part of your trip you can make a plan for the Udvada Beach that is here. This is a quiet and serene location that is also a place for the fishermen’s habitat. You will get to see a glimpse of the life and culture of these fishermen here as well. There is also a small port where you can see the place where the Parsis first landed in India. it is marked by a pillar.

There are also the Fairdoon Cottages at Udvada for you to see. This is a style of architecture that is typically Parsi in origin and has been incorporated in the design of these cottages that had been built in the past. However with time these have come to face damages even though they have been reconstructed today. They are standing there as marks of the tradition of Indian architecture and cultural heritage based on the lines of Parsi styles. This is a rare confluence of cultures that blends into one. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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