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Udayagiri Travel Guide


Udayagiri Travel Guide

Udayagiri is a famous tourist spot situated in the district of Jajpur in Orissa. Udayagiri is one of the twin hills of Kumargiri. The archaeological remains of the place stand as a testimony to the rich heritage of the country. Excavations continue till this date unveiling new sculptures and complexes within its area. Of the already excavated areas many Buddhist sculptures and brick monastery emanated, exhibiting the splendour of the place and the splendour of the past in all its opulence. There are monasteries which date back to 7th and 12th centuries AD. Udayagiri opens the tourist’s eyes to the world and history of Buddhism acquainting them with such past records that leave them bewildered.

In Udayagiri you will be able to get an explicit picture of Buddhist establishments, of the Buddhist architectural splendour and of the Buddhist culture. Stone stupas, monuments, brick monasteries, sculptures etc reveals much about the various school of architecture while at the same time leaving the tourist enraptured. The beauty of the place sparked by the natural splendour cannot be ignored. The sandstone hills, the emerald rural hills create a charming backdrop against the various Buddhist artefacts. Other places of attraction apart from the Buddhist Complex are the Lalitgiri, Langudi Hills, Udayagiri Caves, Khandagiri Caves, Ratnagiri etc.

Ratnagiri is a Buddhist centre in the vicinity of the Birupa river valley. It is an impressive hill and is one of the three places which form the Diamond Triangle. There are beautiful collection of Buddhist antiques which will take you back to the first half and sixth century AD. Another historic site that can be visited is the Lalitgiri, one of the three Diamond triangles. A majestic hill with a magnificent Buddhist complex it creates an alluring impression.  There is an ancient university, in ruins now but still revealing different facets of the Buddhist art. Langudi hill set against the backdrop of a river is another tourist place of attraction. There is a 34 rock cut Buddhist stupa on the hill and this is a sight worth savouring. The 2000 years old Udayagiri caves which is an incorporation of 44 caves in all is also a great tourist attraction. The intricate carvings and complex sculptures raises the eyes of all those who comes across them. There are also double storied caves which have various engravings on them.

Udayagiri is a place where one will be totally lost in the thickness and richness of the past. Visit it to believe it. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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