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Thanjavur Travel Guide

    Bragatheeswarar Temple

    Bragatheeswarar Temple



Thanjavur Travel Guide

Officially declared as the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is a serene state that presents itself as if nature has enveloped each and every ounce of it. When you move into this town you’ll be just seeing greeny fields, lovely age-old architectures and many other fascinating things. But one thing that strikes you is the hospitality and warmth that the people show on you.  It is actually the home of Dravidian art and culture. It is supposed that Bharathanatyam, a classical dance representing Tamil Nadu and its culture, sprang out from here. And, the world famous Thanjavur paintings have this place as their origin. Not only are these paintings the pride of South India, these fantastic pieces of art represent India’s name and fame on the international scene. Apart from these paintings, Thanjavur is also famous for its handicrafts, bronze portraits and hand-woven silk.

You should not miss out on visiting the great Thanjavur temple which is literally a crowd puller. With Lord Bragatheeswarar (Peruvudaiyar) as the main deity, this temple boasts of being the true sign of Tamil Nadu. This yester year temple appears to boast of some splendid construction methods and architectural splendours which even the most modern architects find difficult to interpret. The temple is supposed to have been built by the great chola king Raja Raja. The phenomenon of this temple is astounding so you need to spend at least a good couple of days to enjoy its marvellous sculptures, excellent architectures. Right in front of the main sannidhi is a statue of a bull (Nandhi) which stands 12 ft tall and 20 ft wide. The enticing work found in this temple will certainly make you to spend extra time because you won’t be able to make your mind to move out of that place very easily.

Very near to this place is the Thanjavur palace, which is evocative of the lifestyle of the kings who ruled this region. The gateways and the construction of different parts of the palace are simply majestic and cannot be described in words. Since it is very close to the temple town Kumbakonam, this town also has a good deal of temples in its territory. Most of them own wonderful sculptures which have inspired several painters and sculptors.

Being one of the famous towns in South India, the cuisine served here is known for the Brahmin touch. Thanjavur Brahmins are a sect of people whose ancestors are said to have originated from this place. The cuisine served as a part of their tradition comprises of vada, payasam, kootu, vatha kuzhambu etc. If you are a foodie who has put your tongue in starvation you can actually release it to relish the taste of South India. As expected, this is a place where you find the remains of the ancient India, its tradition, culture, spirituality and commonness as a society. When you go around this town you can study all these facets very carefully. Not many places in India have these values preserved. The people of Thanjavur are glad they did; this is why tourists flock to this place to discover ancient India.

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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