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Sriperumbudur Travel Guide


Sriperumbudur Travel Guide

Sriperumbudur Travel Guide

The location of Sriperumbudur is in the Kanchipuram district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is better known as an industrial town. This is a place that has seen a great deal of development and modernization over the years and has come to be known as the base for various important companies. It is also in the Kanchipuram district that has a large number of temples that are visited by tourists and pilgrims each year. Sriperumbudur has also seen the growth of specially created economic zones where more focused commercial enterprises are due to come up.

You can visit the Vallakottai Murugan Temple here at Sriperumbudur. There is a distance of 9 kilometers that will need to be covered to reach the temple. This temple is famous for the tallest statue for Lord Murugan that you can see here.

This is also the birthplace of Sri Ramanuja. He was a Hindu saint who was known for his philosophical role in the Vaishnavisim sect. He is widely revered for his principles and teachings even today and has a large following of disciples and followers. The statue of the saint was installed even at the time when he was alive and it is believed amongst his followers that if they drink the milk used to wash the saint’s statue it will cure them of various ailments and diseases.

Sadly this is also a place here one of the Prime Ministers of India was assassinated. On the 21st of May in the year 1991 Mr. Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minister of the country was killed in a suicide bomb attack at Sriperumbudur. There is a memorial that has been erected at the place of the incident.

You can also visit the Madras Motor Club. This is one of the pioneering organizations that is behind rallies and racing events that are held in the state and also in the region. It is indeed one of the most interesting parts of the life in this city.

The city of Sriperumbudur is in close proximity to Chennai. Thus it would be convenient for you to take a hired car or even a taxi and avail regular scheduled flights from Chennai International Airport. This would include domestic as well as international flights. There is however plans drafted for an airport to be built in the city that will also add to its advantages. If you intend to avail train services you can follow the same route for the railway stations at Chennai.

There is a presence of well developed roads that makes travel by roads very frequent. And this is also aided by the fact that there are several bus and taxi services available. There are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation facilities too. There are various hotels suited to different budgets. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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