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Somnath Travel Guide


Somnath Travel Guide

The Somnath Temples is located in the Indian state of Gujarat and is one of the most frequented pilgrimages among many others in the country. This is considered to be one of the places of Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva to whom the temple is dedicated. One of the most amazing facts of the Somnath Temple is that this has faced destruction for as many as six times and on each of those occasions have been rebuilt to finesse perfection. This is one of the holiest places of Hindu pilgrimage and the place sees thousands of tourists every year.  

The ambience of Somnath will be of perfect calm and blissful serenity. There is a strange divinity in the air as the temple stands silently in its majestic splendor while the waves of the Arabian Sea strikes close by. The city is all about the temple and its effects on you. There are different kinds of prayer sessions that are held in the premises and at different times in the morning and the evenings. People visit it in huge numbers as the sight of the pujas or the prayer offerings is a truly remarkable one in utmost gaiety and glamour of traditional mantras and shlokas.

There is also a museum at Somnath that you can visit. This is a place that has collected and preserved several parts of the remains of the earlier temples that were there. There are different samples of carved stones and also pottery that can be seen.

One of the other temples that can be a part of every travel itinerary is the Ahilyabai Temple. There is the Somnath Beach that you will find in close proximity.  The beach is frequented by tourists that can be a place of fun for them. There are pony rides that are available here along with snacks and beach enjoyment of different kinds.

There is also the place called Bhalka Tirth. This is where it is believed that Lord Krishna was injured in the feet when he was shot with an arrow. he was sleeping on a deerskin and was thus mistaken to be one. it is also held that this is also a place where a Sun Temple was located. However the temple was destroyed by one of the earliest Muslim invaders.

There is a dearth of hotel accommodations and luxurious comfort at Somnath. You may not be able to find that level of comfort but there are plenty of small accommodation facilities along with guest houses and also private boarding facilities. They are all safe and hygienic and provide you the much needed proximity of the temple.

You can also travel to Somnath by several modes of transport that includes airways, railways and even by roads. The nearest airport is at Keshod and the nearest railway station is at Veraval. There are regular bus and taxi services available from here that will take you to Somnath. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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