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Rameswaram Travel Guide

    Inside the Temple

    Inside the Temple



Rameswaram Travel Guide

The city of Rameswaram is considered holy and holds the temple where the main deity, Ramanathaswamy with his auspicious presence, showers blessings on his worshippers.  It is believed that even the pilgrimage to Kashi, the most auspicious of all temple towns, is incomplete if one doesn’t visit the Rameswaram temple. Such an enchanting place full of vibrant temples, Rameswaram can easily be described as a place where spirituality dons an effervescent form. A holy dip in the sea here and every theertha (well) present inside the temple is supposed to absolve one of their sins no matter what. Interestingly, the water in every theertha here tastes different.

There are a few other places of certain significance in and around the main temple. There are many temples sandwiched between the landscape and the sea in this part of India. If you enquire the locals you would get a good idea of which places you can visit in the time you have.

There is this hillock located 3 KM away which in fact is the highest point in the island. Only in this place you can see the feet of Lord Rama imprinted on a chakra. An additional spectacle at this place is the panoramic view of the entire island. It’s an unobstructed view so you can look at all places at all directions extending from your angle. En-route to this place you can also find a temple called Satchi Hanuman temple, which is supposedly the place where Lord Hanuman is said to have passed the message by showing Sita’s jewel as evidence that he had seen her in Lanka.

The Five-faced hanuman temple has hanuman as the presiding deity. Idols of Rama, Sita,and  Hanuman were brought from Dhanushkodi in 1964 when a cyclone struck this place. Alongside these idols, one can also see the floating stones that the vanaras( monkeys) used to construct a bridge between India and Lanka.

The southern tip of this island, Dhanushkodi, succumbed to the wilts of the cyclone that came about in its scariest form in 1964. The seas that touch the strip of land from either side resemble a bow whereas the land looks like an arrow ready to be released. Though this place is not crowded by tourists anymore, a sect of tourists wish to see how this place is like but all that can be seen is the ruins of the grave incident that happened few decades back. The place called Ervadi is also famous for its mosque and the asylum that was very famous until fire engulfed it a few years back. The nature of people living here is worth exploring, since they are still in touch with their tradition and culture

You can get to Rameswaram by train, bus or even the plane. This place has enough spots to stop over and a good number of temples to visit. Make sure you get a camera with you to capture nature and culture at its pristine best; it could be an ideal break in your trip around such place.



Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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