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Pune Travel Guide


Pune Travel Guide

The location of the second largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra is in Pune and it is nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats. Situated at an altitude of 560 meters above sea level this is also one of the modern cities and the hub of the state IT sector. The city is also flanked by two rivers of the Mula and the Mutha that add to its serene beauty. Owing to its rich historical and cultural background there are several places of interest in the city that you can visit.


You can start your trip with a visit to the Aga Khan Palace. This is an important edifice that has also held may noted personalities of India as prisoners during the British regime. Among the list of names there is also the names of M.K Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi in whose name there are memorials that are set here.


There are a couple of museums in the city that you can also visit. The National War Museum was built in memory of the Indians and the soldiers who have laid down their lives for the nation. Then there is also the Raj Dinakar Kelkar Museum. You will be able to visit this on the Bajirao Road of Pune city. There are some of the rarest and unique collections of artifacts you can see here. There are several items in display here that have been collected by Dr. Kelkar himself.


There is a beautiful rock cut shrine that you will get to see at Pataleshwar Caves. This is a rock cut temple that wass built in the 8th century and is dedicated to Pataleshwar. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that you will find at the start of the caves. The entire structure has been cut out of a single mass of rock and is unique in its architectural finesse.


There are plenty of places that are naturally beautiful and can relive your senses. There are beautiful public gardens like the Bund Garden and the Saras Garden. On the banks of the Mula and the Mutha rivers the presence of the Bund Gardens is a real visual treat. This is a landscaped garden that also has facilities for boating. The Saras Garden also has a temple within it dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This is a beautiful complex of lush green lawns amidst the Parvati Hills.


You can reach Pune via airways, railways and roads. The airport here has domestic flights operating out of it and well connected with flights to Mumbai from where you can avail international flights. The city has an important railways junction and is well connected with trains to different parts of the state and the country as well. Refer a reliable Pune travel guide during your Pune visit.


Pune Important Websites


Pune Collectorate


University of Pune


Pune Municipal Corporation


Pune Police


Regional Transport Office



Pune Emergency Numbers


Highway Traffic Police

+91 20 25819301

Pune Airport

+91 20 26689433

Railway Enquiry

+91 20 26126575

Pune Mumbai Taxi Stand

+91 20 26129657

MTDC Tourist Information

+91 20 2612 6867

Krishan General Hospital

+91 20 25460625

Nandadeep Ambulance

+91 20 25533496

Fire Control Room

+91 20 26442101

Last Updated: 25/07/2012


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