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Pangong Travel Guide

    Pangong Lake in India

    Pangong Lake in India

    Pangong Travel Guide


Pangong Travel Guide

The site of Pangong or the Pangong Tso is located at a height of 4350 meters above sea level to the northeast regions of Leh. It stretches for a length of 134 kilometers along the Himalayan range. This extends from India to Tibet and a substantial part of the lake falls in the Chinese occupied Tibet.

The sight of the Pangong Lake is a truly magnificent one that is one of a kind. There is an amazing natural form of beauty that will unfold before your eyes and one that draws several thousands of tourists to it each year. You can also visit the Thiksey village that is in close proximity and has many monasteries within here. Despite the remote location of the village there is an amazing beauty in which it is situated amidst high mountains with snow capped peaks.

Another point of interest that is further up is the Chungla Pass. This is also one of those places where you need to get your lungs checked before advancing. You can also make a trip to Darbuk village near Tangste valley. This is where you will get to see the memorials of the soldiers who became martyrs during the Chinese War. You can also see the local livestock of yaks and sheep here from whose wool fibers for pashmina shawls are made. You will also get to see various species of birds that fly here like the Siberian cranes that breed here.

You can also see the Chushul Mountains that are at a close range from the Pangong Lake. The water of the lake is salty and they freeze during the winter months.

You can reach the destination of the Pangong Lake by airways and also via roads. The nearest airport is at Leh. There are regular flights that operate from Delhi. And once you reach here you can easily avail taxis and take a ride to Pangong Lake. There is also another route that runs through Delhi to Manali to Jispa to Darcha to Sarchu to Leh to Khardungla and then finally to Pangong. This is a route that is often taken by those who travel by cars and bikes.

You can avail several tour operators in the region and also in different cities and towns of the country. You will have to assess the time of the year that you are traveling and the kind of medical tests and travel arrangements that will need to be made. There will be similar arrangements that will be required with regards to accommodation facilities.

You will be mesmerized to see ample natural beauty of Pangong Lake. It is one of the quietest and most serene places that will be a joy to cherish for the rest of your life. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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