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What to Do in Ooty


21 Things To Do In Ooty


There are lots of things to do in Ooty that will bring you happiness and make your days enjoyable. Most of these things to do in Ooty are related to nature and its environment. If you are nature lover you will find these things a real fun.


1. If you are interested in shopping then there are many shops located around the Ooty Lake. You can buy some quality sweaters, jerkins and shawls at the shops run by the people who look like Nepali or Tibetans.


Green Shop is run by the Keystone Foundation and you can buy honey and other organic products there. The commercial road is a perfect place to shop around and there are many Kashmiri shops and government outlets in the area.



2. If you are interested you can ride a horse in Ooty. Many horses with horsemen are seen outside the boathouse on the northern side of the lake. You can prefer whether you want a short ride or a long ride that will take an hour going around the lake.


3. If you visit Ooty during the summer months, you can watch the horse race in the famous race course located between the lake and the Charing Cross.


4. There are many Kabab Corners here where you can munch away the non-vegetarian dishes to your heart’s content.


5. Take a boat ride in the boat house. Row boats, pedal boats and motor boats are available. Pedaling a boat with your pair will be a good adventure to enjoy the natural surroundings. These things to do in Ooty will be enjoyed both by adults and kids.



6. If you take your kids with you keep them occupied at the Jolly World amusement park located between the lake and the bus stand. It has many stalls, rides and slideshows that will keep both the kids and the adults happy.


7. Ooty is famous for its bakery products. Buy some Ooty varkies or biscuits that are baked and browned in a perfect manner. They will melt into your mouth.


8. Enjoy the climate and take a walk around early in the morning. The chillness will be highly enjoyable. Long walks, hikes and treks are good things to do in Ooty that will leave a fine memory in you.


9. Take time to visit the tea plantation and the tea factory. It will be fun to watch how the tea leaves are converted into edible tea powder. You can also purchase high quality tea directly from the manufacturers.


10. Visit the golf course and watch the game played. If there is someone to introduce you, you can enjoy playing the game.


11. The Army Cantonment of the Madras Regimental Center and the Defense Services Staff College are located at Ooty. Spend some time to visit them.


12. A trip to Mudhumalai forest sanctuary will rejuvenate your senses. There are more than a dozen picnic spots around Ooty. Get ready to explore them.


13. Visit the needle industries located at the suburbs of Ooty in Ketti region. This is one of the different things to do in Ooty.


14. Drive to the cinema shooting spot at the 6th and 9th mile. If you are lucky you can see the film shooting going on.


15. If you visit the local market you can buy fresh fruits of the region and the farm fresh carrots and terrace farmed cabbage.



16. Enjoy riding the Ooty mountain railway. This toy train will help you to drink the beauty of the green valley located below. If you are lucky you can spot the wild animals on the way like elephants, deer and monkeys.


17. Take time to shop the homemade chocolates and Nilgiri oil. If you take the chocolates to your home they will possibly melt due to the change in the climate.


18. Take part in the festivals of Ooty. Summer festival is very famous and the flower show and the fruit show are conducted during that time. Tai Poosam at Elk Hill Murugan temple and Mariamman Kovil festival are some of the famous religious festivals here.


19. Traditional massage is offered in the parlors of Ooty and Bellikal region. If you are interested you can enjoy them.


20. Thing to do in Ooty will not be complete without relishing the local cuisine of Ooty, the sweet goodies with a cup of aromatic tea will rejuvenate your nerves.


21. Organize a Camp Fire in serene environment. Dancing around the fire in nights in such cold environment will keep you warm and joyful.

Last Updated: 30/04/2012


  • Ooty- is a beautiful hill station
     Ooty is indeed a beautiful hill station, lots of gardens, and a place of colorful flowers

    2012-06-21 11:42:16

    by lnj2010

  • Heaven
     I would only say that it is heaven on earth.

    2012-07-17 05:07:38

    by raaman

  • Such a wonderful place of serenity!
     I was gifted to be born and brought up in Ooty. But I am not fortunate enough to live there when i want to. I long for the life in Ooty. I can remember each and every day of my life in Ooty. It has cast a spell on me. My life now is rich with the memories of the place and my stay there. How I wish to live there!

    2012-08-04 22:17:50

    by Nisha Hassan

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